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Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D.

"The tenets of the ... program are soundly based on leading-edge scientific research that is presently rewriting the conventional understanding of human behavior and the source of dysfunction."  

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Saguache Co. Board of Commissioners

"We feel that this program has the potential to address, in an innovative way, the substance use issues we now face in both the County and [State]..."

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Rep. Donald Valdez

"After having reviewed the organization's plans ... I can say that I fully believe the ... program is so much more than a step, but rather a leap, in the right direction ... I fully support the efforts ..."

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Molly Chilson

11th Judicial District, D.A.

"I appreciate the vision of the [program], focusing on the physical, spiritual and mental well-being of the persons they intend to serve..."

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Rob Williams | Psych-K

"Much like the operating software in a personal computer, our basic psychological predispositions are the result of hand-me-down software from our parents."

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Robert Jackson

Alamosa County Sheriff

"I'm very excited for an organization such as this one to be located in our area. This is what we've needed for some time, and right now we need it more than ever."

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