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"There's nothing more devastating than watching your whole world go up in flames and nothing sweeter than finding yourself in the ashes."

~ Dwayne Vandervoort ~


Nearly a decade ago, within the pages of Dr. Bruce Lipton's bestseller, The Biology of Belief, Dwayne Vandervoort discovered what would become the foundation for radical change at every level of his own life and the building blocks of a fresh new method of life engineering for all who wish to choose their own destiny. Dwayne credits Lipton for the inspiration from which an entire system of conscious change, known as the Radical Freedom Program, has emerged. Vision Journaling™ is one significant piece of that program.

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Vision Journaling™ is a process, originated by Dwayne Vandervoort, that has a profound effect upon the practitioner's ability to develop a life vision, define a plan for achieving it, and develop certainty of attainment while promoting connectivity. The core philosophy is rooted in the work of famed Stanford epigeneticist, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., whose discoveries have established the fact that human behaviors, physiological disorders, and a variety of diseases may be radically interrupted through a shift in perception.

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Vision Journaling™ utilizes the power of the subconscious mind and its habituated motor functions, such as cursive writing for some, or typing and texting for others – particularly members of the emerging generation. The subconscious controls 90% of an individual's behaviors and thus, their destiny. The Vision Journaling™ process is aimed at the deliberate emancipation of practitioners from the effects of chance upon destiny through conscious reprogramming of the subconscious with information that produces desired results.

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