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"The path to freedom is through the shadows."   Dwayne V.

Over the last 20 years of his life and career, Dwayne Vandervoort has invested vast quantities of development hours into the meticulous trial-and-error experimentation and refinement of a signature life-engineering-styled, self-improvement and therapeutic imagery method, known as  Visomeditative Imaging™ (VMI). Viso is translated literally from Latin as "to visit, to look at, to go see," thus giving the protocol a distinct meaning – "To go and see what lies deep within by and through the faculties of imagination."   

• The cost is $375/treatment session.
• Sessions run between 1 1/2 and 3 never-rushed hours.
• VMI clients have access to Dwayne for intermediate support.
• New client application periods are announced here in advance.
• New client applications are not being accepted at this time – 09/29/2022
• Check back regularly for open application-period announcements.


The Select VMI Grant Program is made available on a case-by-case basis at reduced or no cost, to individuals who meet one or all of the criteria outlined below.

Criteria items marked with an * are mandatory for Select VMI Grant consideration and continuation.

  • * Current and active daily participation in the Vision Journaling™ program

  • * Current and active weekly participation in Vision Journaling™ General Group meetings.

  • Active or former research partner

  • Active or former staff member

  • Non-research partners or staff members, directly expressing a great need for support and financial restrictions which presently limit their ability to pay the applicable rate, in part or in full.

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