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Katey Losinski

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My name is Katey, I was born and raised in Western Montana, surrounded by the gorgeous Rockies until I was a teenager. In late late 2000s my family moved back to their home roots in Eastern Montana to help take care of my grandparents. Its helping take of care of them that drove me to being a CNA for 5 years. I was grandfathered in at 16 before they raised the age restrictions, working full time in the summers and part-time during the school year until after I graduated. I moved around a bit after that, from parts of Montana to Oregon and back before moving to Wyoming in 2017.

Wyoming is where I met my partner Brad. After taking a break from taking care of our elderly community, my partner got me reintroduced back in to the field but in an area I had never explored before with Developmentally challenged adults. This job really shape me into the person I always was, kind, caring, compassionate, but also taught me patience on a whole new level as well as different angles to try in different situations. As much as I thought I had it made in Wyoming a new adventure arose and has brought us to where we are now.

Welcome to Tennessee! I have now been here for a few years and this adventure has been a wonderful experience with opportunities showing up more and more each and everyday. My partner and I own a small wholesale company, completely new experience for myself. I have grown to fall in love with Tennessee more like I fell in love with short winters and long seasonal colors.

In April of 2021 I became a mom for the first time to an amazing little girl who has brought so much joy to our lives. I never new such love could exist which continues to bloom with each and every developmental milestones we reach. Having her helps me strive to be a better example of myself.

Extras about me....

I'm not an english teacher so spelling, punctuation ect. is not my strong area and my thoughts can just come out.

I have crocheted since I was 6 and knit since I was 9 and love each new challenge I can accomplish. You'll rarely see me without a project going.

Bowling was huge for me before moving out to Tennessee. I would compete in nationals yearly and leagues a few nights a week, even took 5th place in Nationals one year with a fractured foot.

Thats all I have share. Thanks for reading!

Katey Losinski

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