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Greetings everyone my human name is Brad.

Im an energy body trapped in a meatbag that is trying to experience the universe using spongy lil sensory input devices and a CPU used by monkeys.


It was the craziest thing, one moment I was just chilling as part of everything and nothing and then all-of-a-sudden *BAMMM* my focus went from that of infinity to survival. I didnt know what I needed to survive or even what survival meant but, I knew I must continue "being". So i began consuming all the information about the universe around me, but it wasn't enough.

In my present state I could only "feel" energies around me and the food that i always I needed more of. This was boring so I grew new more advanced sensors. All this information was getting confusing PLUS I still had to consume to be able to stay in this form or start over. I needed a processing unit to guide the meatbag around for survival.

At this point I turned inside out and my outer membrane became my monkey cpu/brain. Now the struggle begins. Who am I? Am I the the cpu, the squishy sensors, a mix of both, or something more?

I had to know so I began exploring everythign. What feels good? What is feeling? Still who am I? So onward through SELF discovery I troded clueless to whom I was really assuming all along that I'm the sum of everythign I consume.

So consume I did...

Now after 20 years trying to experience the universe through drugs and compulsive behavior I finally realized I am NOT the meatbag, the sensors, or a sum of everything consumed. Im not the thinker nor am I the feeler either.


I am

I am Love

I am Compassion

I am Understanding

I am Patience

Beyond that no


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