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My VJ LIVE™ Opportunity Calendar Listings

Below, you will find a more detailed description of the two opportunities that I personally provide on your Opportunity Calendar here at VJ LIVE™. 


Breathe & Thrive Tribe

Practicing breathwork is an opportunity for renewal and self-discovery. This practice also helps to release stress, overcome challenges, and tap into your inner resilience. Let's come together in community  with an intention to harness the ancient wisdom of this art–form to help each of us unlock our full potential and live a life of vitality, balance, and inner peace.


Meditation Journeys

We live in a diverse world, a world filled with cultural differences and variations of ideas that span an extraordinarily wide range of inspiring potentials. Civilizations from antiquity until the current age have aspired to develop methods of bringing the heart and mind into coherence, quieting the ego, and suspending the chatter so that the still small voice may be heard and peace may be fully known. Let's come together and explore them.

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