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Letter from a Former Prison Inmate

"Dear Dwayne,

I just got out of prison two months ago. I made parole. I tracked down your website and have been reading all about what you are doing now. It brings back so many memories for me to read all about this stuff on your website. I don't know if you will even remember me, but I was 19 years old when I met you. I was facing 12 years in prison for my crimes, but you didn't care about them at all. You never even asked me about them. I remember one time I tried to tell you about what I had done, and you told me I didn't have to unless I needed to, because what I had done did not define who I am. It was right then that I began to change. Somehow that one thing you said to me made me realize something about myself that I hadn't never even thought of before. I was also a Satanist when I met you, and you didn't care about that either. I thought that was weird. Everybody cared about that! But you never said a bad thing about anything. What you showed me about myself in the year I got to spend with you, changed my life. I just wanted to tell you thanks bro."

T. Fenstermaker

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We are a nonprofit organization, fully committed to innovative concepts in life-engineering programs and curriculums, for the purpose of empowering young and old, regardless of background or present circumstances, to conceive, believe, and achieve their deepest desires, most beautiful dreams, and greatest potential.



For anyone who wishes to become fully awake, be aware of every aspect of their own experience, and consciously engineer the life of their dreams, know that what you seek is possible. We believe that this program is being presented at this particular time, in this specific place, just for you. We further believe that there are no accidents; "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  


We're excited to meet every program participant who finds their way to the Vision Journaling™ method. They come with diverse motivations, and we love them all. The Vision Journaling™ method is perfect for individuals or groups of individuals with varying goals, central to becoming their very best selves or excelling in a particular field of study or work. Vision Journaling™ works brilliantly for those individuals who aspire to become better students, more powerful executives, or the most successful salespeople in their industry or in the history of their organization!


Vision Journaling™ offers real, substantive, and lasting change at every point of the human experience. Consequently, some show up seeking to free themselves from victimhood of circumstance, others from addiction, self-loathing, and all manner of self-sabotaging behavior patterns. Others may feel lost and disconnected from everything and everyone and long for reconnection. A common goal for new Vision Journaling™ practitioners is to mend relationships that have been lost through years of neglect. Whatever their respective objectives may be, within context, all are welcomed. Each of us is where we are. Vision Journaling™ is a path to becoming that which each of us most desire to be.

"I'm very enthusiastic about the Crestone Freedom Project because it has placed emphasis on a scientific foundation. The Radical Freedom Program [Vision Journaling] transcends the old thinking and comes into a quantum view of the new biology, and that's where the answers come from."   


~ Dr. Bruce H. Lipton ~



Rocky Mountain Division

505 3rd Street #323

Alamosa, CO 81101 

Central Office: 1-719-350-5150

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